Bacall▪Conniff has been providing services to the not-for-profit community for over fifty years. Our experience allows us to help you meet and overcome these challenges.

We have worked with many different not-for-profit entities, including:

  • Section 501(c)(3)
  • 501(c)(6)
  • Churches
  • Land Conservation
  • Parks
  • Educational Foundations
  • Museums
  • Trade Groups
  • Charitable Organizations
  • …and others

Services to our not-for-profit clients include compilations, reviews, audits and tax services including application for tax-exempt status. The type of report needed is often determined by the funding source or the governmental authorities. Further, entities that receive funding over certain levels from the federal government (either directly or indirectly) are required to have a Yellow Book Audit under Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A-133. Auditors must meet certain additional requirements in order to perform these audits and our firm meets these requirements. Our firm has performed many of these audits and a partner is on-site during the audit.