For over fifty years, Bacall▪Conniff has been providing a complete range of restaurant and hospitality accounting services for the industry, including every aspect of internal and external accounting and financial reporting. Since we are a full-service CPA firm, we are able to guide you from business start-up, to current operations analyses, to future expansion, and provide industry-specific solutions for all of our clients' restaurant and hospitality accounting needs.

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In order to help our clients achieve their business, financial and professional goals, we maintain the highest level of professionalism, become totally involved in client relationships, and simplify the accounting process. We know that in order to effectively service our clients, it is imperative to know and understand the restaurant & hospitality industry and are therefore actively involved in various restaurant and lodging associations, voluntarily serve on industry committees, and regularly attend industry conferences and Board meetings. By bringing our clients an effective and time-saving accounting process utilizing technology, we are able to eliminate redundancy, reduce paperwork, and keep costs down.


Value is Knowledge

Determining a process that works best for you is the key. Some of our clients have no internal office help at all. Because the software is so user-friendly (and we set it up to be turn-key), it is the owners themselves who actually enter the invoices, record the deposits, and write the checks. It is that easy. For others, they have their managers enter the invoices that fall under their control directly into the system. For example, because the bar managers accept the bar deliveries & approve the invoices, they are the ones who enter them into the system. And because only a handful of invoices are received each day, it is most efficient to enter them that same day. By doing so, they are not only "approving" the invoice for payment, and have confidence in their cost figures, but it eliminates the need for handling paper more than once (either by them or someone else). Eliminating redundancy keeps costs down. Other clients choose to have an "administrative assistant" -- not a bookkeeper or accountant -- who enters the invoices and daily sales information. Using this approach, they are able to delegate tasks. Good financial controls are always in place regardless of which method you use since the items entered into the system are always approved by management before the checks are paid, and the employees entering the invoices do not have access to check printing, checkbook balances, or a myriad of other functions. While the records are always up-to-date, good internal controls exist.


Eliminate Redundancy


-Monthly financial statements
-Monthly bank reconciliations
-Monthly meals & sales tax returns
-IRS Annual Tip Report
-Annual breakeven analyses
-Annual 1099's
-All Year-End accounting and corporate tax returns
(at no additional cost), including:
•US Corporation or Partnership Income Tax Returns
•State Business Corporation Excise Return


-Ongoing tax planning strategies
-Business planning


-Fixed asset records & detailed depreciation schedules
-General ledgers & journals

Want to keep your accounting internal or on the web?

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on complicated accounting systems that then require a bookkeeper or accountant to run. Furthermore, these systems require someone to set them up and to design the financial statements, another cost involved. Keep it simple and get timely and meaningful reports - you can have both..